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The textual descriptions

Unless otherwise indicated, all the notes were authored by me, initially for my own records. These are now made available for anyone to use for personal use or as ideas for teachers.

The use of these textual descriptions as a major aspect of profit-making is not permitted (ie printing and selling as part of a book of jive moves!).

If you do pass on the information contained in these textual descriptions, then I would ask that you do me the courtesy of referring to  the URL of this website, then they can come back for more up-to-date stuff!  If you have found these moves really helpful and wish to use them a lot, dropping me an email would be nice too - it would make everything seem worthwhile.

The diagrams

All the jive figures were drawn by me.  These diagrams (and animation stills) are copyrighted and are for personal use only.  The issuing of diagrams as information for classes is prohibited without permission.  Digital capture of the graphic files from the internet for the purpose of publication (ie for another web site) is prohibited without permission.

The videos

All the videos were produced by me.

The videos are copyrighted and are for personal use only.  Digital capture of the video files from the internet for the purpose of publication (ie for another web site) is prohibited without permission.


Although these notes are now available to you, you must not make the assumption that your skill level or physical ability is adequate to do them all safely.

Every effort has been made to ensure that "reviewed" notes are correct, however errors may be present or more probably ambiguity or confusion.  Please contact me if you feel this is the case and I will correct them as soon as possible.

Other peoples work

It is greatly appreciated when others offer advice and suggestions of moves.  Where this is done, appropriate acknowledgement will be given in the acknowledgement page under "Other", when permission is granted.  It is regretted that this cannot be given against each move.  This is partly for technological reasons and it suggests copyright of the moves, which is clearly ridiculous.

Privacy Policy

ISP Statistics

In line with all Web hosts, the system receives your browser type and version number and numerical IP address along with statistics concerning each page you visit.

This information is not stored.

Other information

Your screen resolution is determined in order to optimise the screen for lower resolutions such as mobile phones.


Cookies simply store information the remote server has anyway on your machine. This data may be information like the browser you are using, form data you are filling in, pages that you have been on. It may also be data that YOU enter, such as selections or favourites. The remote server has no access to any other information such as credit card details, other folders etc anyway, so cannot store it in cookies. Only the web site that stores cookies can retrieve them. What it does with them after that needs handling correctly. Jivemoves.com only uses this information to provide you with the necessary service and does not share it with third parties.

Email communication

Any emails sent by users will not be given to any third parties. Your email data will not be put in a database, but may be retained for further communication related to your initial enquiry.

Sharing of information with 3rd parties

No information will ever be shared with 3rd parties (except when legally demanded by the police etc)