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Welcome to the web's most complete site for Modern Jive moves & information.

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Are you a beginner needing to recap dance moves? Here there are text, animations and videos available for hundreds of moves.

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Are you struggling with technique or terminology? Need some tips? Learn how to break down moves. Add some style.

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Here is a further wealth of information including links, experiences, quotations and the dreaded small print.

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Getting started...

This site is about "modern jive", sometimes called "French jive" (there being many "brands" such as Ceroc), not classical ballroom jive.  It used to be called Jiveoholics Anonymous but has been completely overhauled and rebranded.

If you have been learning at the many venues typically all over the UK, Australia and New Zealand and want some detailed information on the moves or just advice about Moder Jive, then this is the site for you!

Press the "moves" button to go straight to the moves menu where you can select just beginner moves or more and choose between textual descriptions, animations, galleries of cartoons or videos.

Press the "advice" button for tips on how to perform the moves better.

The last button "(...)" provides even more help, resources, experiences and links

Generally, you can reverse your tracks by using your device's back button. However, beware that changes in selections of moves cannot be reversed and there may be some confusion. In case you get lost, there is a helpful home button on nearly every page and sometimes a "return to where you should have come from" button! At times a second page will be displayed on top of the previous, where a simple exit cross will return and remove that page/tab.

In general, anything coloured blue is a link - you can click it!

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