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Yoyo - blow by blow!

The yoyo is one beginner moves that is rarely danced correctly.  This move brings out so many issues that are applicable to other moves, that it is analysed in considerable detail below.

You will notice that most of the "whole counts" are a state where you are not moving, but stationary, often under tension or compression as there is a change of momentum.  All half-counts and "turning counts" involve motion and are differentiated from stationary counts by a slight indentation and lack of a grey strip.  At the end is an animation to see it all together.

On exactly count 0 You should be stationary together. Some suggest that, when you start a dance, you start circling your right hand (for a right to right hand grip move) in a clockwise manner. Otherwise no action is required.

This is part of the preceeding move and only shown because it starts the mechanical action.

By count 0.5. You should be stepping apart, loose hand-grip.

This is part of the preceeding move and only shown because it starts the mechanical action.

On exactly count 1. You should be stationary, apart, right to right hand-grip.

The most important aspect is getting some tension.

By count 1.5. You should be stepping together, the lady travelling in the direction to the right hand side of the man.

On exactly count 2. The lady should be stationary, the lady to the man's right hand side.

The most important thing is for the lady not to anticipate the next turn

By count 2.5. You should be turning the lady 180 clockwise on your right hand side.

The key aspect is for the lady to positively turn through half a turn, not less.

On exactly count 3. She should be stationay just behind you on your right hand side.

By count 3.5. You should be swinging the lady back to face you.

On exactly count 4. You should be stationary under some pressure from a palm to palm grip.

The most important point is to end up with pressure between you so the lady can re-bound off the man.

By count 4.5. Yes, she should be starting to turn before count 5, so she is already turning on count 5.

On exactly count 5. Continue turning her the full turn clockwise.

The lady will find it better to turn on her right foot.

By count 5.5. You should both be stepping apart.

Separating the turn from the step back adds a "crisp" feel to the move.

On exactly count 6. You should be stationay apart under tension.

The most important point is to provide tension between you as on count 1.

By count 6.5. You should both be stepping together, starting to turn her anticlockwise.

Although most ladies do not know they do it, they are performing a foot change manoeuvre!

On exactly count 7. Continue to turn her anticlockwise, without any "in-out" movement.

The important point is that the lady turns left (ACW) on her left foot and right (CW) on her right.

By count 7.5. You should be both stepping apart.

On exactly count 8. You should be stationary, apart, still with a right to right hand-grip.

Putting this all together...

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