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Jive Links

The following sites contain really comprehensive dance move information:

If you want to search for a venue, you have three main sites to choose from:

More links

The following is a list of links of organisations relevant to jive who are linked to this site.

brighton-jive.co.uk 1940s and 50s jive dancing courses and events in Brighton and Worthing

coopjive.co.uk Dance co-operative promoting the different forms of jive, plus a free information service

dance-forums.com Articles and discussion about ballroom, swing, salsa, argentine tango, and more

danceweb.co.uk/ An excellent site with ability to enter post code to find out what sort of dancing is on in your area and other resources.

danceyourselfdizzy.com This site is provides excellent details of the moves taught at Basingstoke, Winchester and Romsey and photographs on each count for the beginner moves

discojive.com Jive venue at Newhaven & Brighton

dovedancediary.co.uk A listing of Rock n' Roll, Modern Jive and Salsa dances in Sussex, Surrey and part of Hampshire

eijkhout.net/lead_follow This is an excellent FAQ site about spinning, leading etc for mainly swing dances, but most of the concepts are general

eutek.co.uk/jive!/ Jive! in Exeter, includes a list of the names of standard beginner and intermediate moves

jazzjiveswing.com Jive and swing classes and workshops in Birmingham, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud, Ross on Wye, Worchester, Cirencester and Hereford

jillsjive.com.au Brisbane night club/dance club, teaching mainy swing-based dances, eg 4-beat rock'n'roll, Lindy, East Coast Swing, Salsa etc

jiveinfusion.co.uk Modern Jive dance classes in Wakefield, Leeds, Hatfield Woodhouse, Doncaster

jiveparty.com London based jive/swing venue with discussion group

jiveswing.com JiveSwing (Hertfordshire) is a hybrid of Swing dances (primarily Lindy hop) and Modern Jive

jivetime.co.uk Jive venue at Ealing. Responsible for the famous Camber Sands Weekend events twice a year

jivetreasurebox.com Excellent text based jive move site with useful search engine (was dancecrave.com/jivemoves)

justjive.co.uk/ Just Jive, Modern Jive in Chester and Bromborough and Wirral with excellent QuickTime videos of 6 beginner moves and a discussion group.

learntodance.com US site covering many dance styles, advising how and where to learn

leroc.com Leroc (modern jive) classes & freestyles in Devon, Dorset & Somerset

leroc-uk.com LeRoc at Farnborough, Dorking and Aldershot

lestep.com.au Australian site which includes a list of 400 move names

leswingjive.co.uk Jive Dance events in Manchester and around the North West with Leswingjive

modernjive.com An excellent site with all sorts of useful venue lists and links

planetleroc.biz Jive site at Cardiff,also providing advanced jive workshops

revolutiondance.co.uk Jive venue at Knutsford, Cheshire merging other dance forms

rivieraleroc.co.uk Leroc at Taunton, Sommerset

rocsters.com Jive venues in Brighton, Nettlestead/Maidstone, Hurstpierpoint and Shoreham-by-Sea

swingdanceuk.com London Swing Dance Society - Lindy hopping since 1986, UK's premier society for workshops, dances, performances and Lindy Hop Shop

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