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The Moves

You can select all 600+ moves, but may prefer to restrict them by dificulty.

Select only those with helpful animations, videos, or ones you have made your favourite.

Select from interesting selections, enter your own selection criteria or pick from a visual representation of moves.

The Moves - Help

This page is where you select a range of moves according to some criteria that you are interested in. You are then presented with a page where that you can quickly cycle through these moves.

If you are new to modern jive, you may wish to just click the beginner button for all the beginner moves. If you are starting to learn intermediate moves, then there are what are considered "core" intermediate moves, i.e. a selection that covers most of the new concepts. Finally you could chose all the moves.

The majority of moves are animated, but there are less videod moves. If this is important to you, then you can limit the moves to those with these features. Some moves have not yet even been organised by count.

There are some more interesting selections to choose from.

You can select by your own selection criteria, e.g. if you are say looking for moves with dips etc.

Finally, there is a visual map of beginner and core intermediate moves that you can select from. This tries to group them according to starting move and the "flavour".

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