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Enjoy the following advice modules.

Advice - Help

First we ask the question "what is jive", or more importantly, what is "Modern Jive", how to learn it, what music to dance to and what other forms of dance might it get confused with..

We then have two modules, one for the beginner and one for improvers.

Many dancers find getting the "feel", i.e. the "in and out" action difficult at the start. Two exercises that can be performed at home are suggested in the next two modules.

Building upon this feel, there are some definite tips for getting the man and woman to work well together, which is described in the next module focussed on the move called the "yoyo".

Often jivers get stuck in their ways and need a "makeover", the topic of the next module.

Some jivers love the more challenging and sometimes dangerous moves. Safety is paramout and the next module considers this.

As you read the text and see the galleries of moves, you will find that they have all been split into sections, called "constituents". Whilst many dance instructures use this concept, this site has taken the concept to build up a consistent approach to breaking down moves and this is described in detail in this module.

Finally, there is a table that compares jive and its close cousin "swing".

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